If you have purchased a leather protection plan from the retailer where you purchased your Cozy Life furniture, please refer to the plan literature for care instructions. Cleaning in any way other than the method prescribed by the plan literature may invalidate your protection plan.

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It's easy to care for leather upholstery and when you do so correctly, it can last for15-20 years, twice the average life span of fabric upholstery.

  • Don't place you leather furniture in direct sunlight, if possible. Like fabric upholstery, leather can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight without precautions like curtains, blinds or UV-filtering window glazing.
  • Keep your leather furniture away from high heat sources since it could cause the leather to stiffen and crack.
  • Leather is a porous material and can absorb other dyes. Avoid placing printed materials, such as newspapers and magazines, on your leather furniture to avoid ink transfers and stains.
  • Use a soft, clean white cloth to dust your leather furniture every week or two to prevent the buildup of soiling from regular use. If any soil does accumulate, use a damp, soft white cloth to wipe the leather surface clean. Before you apply any moisture to the leather, be sure to place a few drops of water in an inconspicuous spot to make sure the leather doesn't absorb it. If the leather does absorb water use only dry cloths.
  • For protected leathers, a mild leather cleaner can be used every 5-6 months. Use of a leather cleaning product should be followed by the application of a protective leather cream to keep your furniture soft and supple.
  • For unprotected leathers, such as, but not limited to, nubuck and suede, please consult the care literature that accompanied your purchase or consult the store where you purchased your furniture.

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