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About Us

Factory Direct Furniture was founded in 1985 when Jim and Carole Heikes partnered with their son Kevin to open a furniture store in the building they had originally built as a roller skating rink. This building is still the heart of the much expanded Factory Direct Furniture that you see today. The name Factory Direct Furniture was chosen due to the fact that at that time most of the independent furniture stores purchased their inventory from furniture distributors who put an additional markup on the product raising the price the end user paid for their furniture. Factory Direct Furniture has always made an effort to avoid these distributors and purchase direct from the factory. Jim and various partners ran this furniture location until 1997 when Jim decided to retire and lease the building to Pam’s Furniture. In 2007 Jim And Carole Heikes formed a new partnership with Kevin and their younger son Keith and Factory Direct Furniture was once again in operation. Jim passed away in 2009 but Factory Direct Furniture has continued to operate under the ownership of Keith and Kevin. In 2014 the Mattress 1st store within a store was added to bring a broader selection of sleep options to our store.